Original sound continues to be developed by Tahnee

Local performer Tahnee Rose has continued to develop her love of music

by Angela Norval

With a voice that is constantly developing and a commitment that sees her always working to improve her musical knowledge and learning new songs; it is easy to see why at 18 years old Tahnee Rose is already owning the stage.

Despite confessing to loving a good pop tune which has influenced some of her own music, Tahnee is able to wow audiences with a wide range of genres at her live shows including good old classics, 80s hits, country, folk to popular tunes in today’s music.

Tahnee started playing guitar from a very young age because she always loved to sing and wanted to include an instrument in her repertoire.

It wasn’t until the start of high school that her passion for music really grew and she started to play gigs at clubs, pubs and festivals and even began writing a lot of her own original music.

Growing up in northern New South Wales, she started her performing career there but since moving to the area has definitely gotten a feel for the live music scene around Bundaberg.

Tahnee said she has been lucky enough to have played gigs at a number of venues around Bundaberg with more ventures coming up in the future.

“The adrenaline when the crowd is singing along and dancing is amazing when I perform live,” she said.

“It is harder at the moment with Covid restrictions, however I love to see my music be able to put a smile on someone’s face as it has done for me with so many of my influences including the classic rock of Queen, the beautiful Australian musician Missy Higgins.”

Writing more of her own original music and developing her artistic self, Tahnee is hoping to start bringing more of this original sound to audiences very soon.

Add to that she wants to continue performing and hopefully expanding her performances so she can travel around the country sharing her sound.

“I have been lucky to have had some incredible teachers and mentors in my life that helped my music get started and I look forward to sharing what they have taught me.”

For more information on Tahnee’s upcoming gigs, visit her Facebook page @ tahnee rose music.