Something about live music

Local entertainer Brendan Egan loves to share his musical talents with audiences.

By Angela Norval

Live entertainment is still alive and well in Bundaberg as local establishments work hard to follow all Covid safety requirements while allowing patrons access to some of the best live acts.

When it comes to showcasing a range of styles but plenty of talent, the Wide Bay area has definitely got it in bucket loads.

Many local acts have developed a strong following and it is easy to see why.

Known for its winning combination of comfort, great food and entertainment, the Sugarland Tavern is featuring well-known local talent Brendan Egan tonight (Friday).

Now 36 years of age, Brendan has been involved with the Bundaberg music scene since he was eight years old, playing in various orchestral groups and choirs.

At a young age his parents thought it would be best to have classical training in the form of violin, cello, double bass and piano, plus training in musical theory.

While Brendan has performed with various orchestral groups through the years including Bundaberg Youth Orchestra, Bundaberg Symphony Orchestra and The Queensland Symphony Orchestra, it was at 13 he started his first band and started playing the pub scene in Bundaberg under parent supervision.

Playing three nights a week at local venues and juggling school plus his orchestral commitments kept him very busy, but as soon as Brendan reached 18 his solo career started.

Brendan said as he started to hone his craft he found avenues to start increasing his reach playing outside of Bundaberg, starting with going north to Agnes Water, Rockhampton and Gladstone and then gigs in the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast.

“I currently play in nearly every club and pub in my home town of Bundaberg on a regular basis but also play outside of the region as well,” he said.

“As my solo career progressed I started to write and compose original music and lyrics; I started to incorporate my original music into my cover performances with unexpected success.

“From this point I was encourage to further develop my original content and explore the boundaries of my musical and lyrical skills.

“The progress, development and challenges of my artistic life’s work bought me to the release of my debut album Public Opinion which I released in November 2019 comprising of 11 original songs.

“I created the album utilising the talent we have in Bundaberg and I am proud to say it is an incredible album and it is solely due to the people I had performing on it.

“The Bundaberg Music Community is brimming with talent and I wanted to prove to everyone in the Wide Bay area that you don’t have to go to Nashville or out of state to record a quality album, if you already have the talent locally why not grow your current relationships with your fellow music in your area and make some great music and create further opportunities with your peers.”

Brendan has continued to showcase his talent, winning multiple national awards for best achievement in production from 2011-2019 at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards, and written and performed more original music.

“Throughout the last decade it’s been wonderful to work with the support of my wife and three children, who constantly encourage me to work towards my goals and achieve success,” he said.

“I will continue to achieve my goals as I start work on a collaboration album with Matthew Barker, it will be available later this year.”

Brendan will be followed at the Sugarland Tavern on Saturday night by another local performer, Peter Sajko, who has exceptional talent, drawing crowds with his variety of covers and original music around the Wide Bay region.