One of a kind

The blue Ford is an 85 XF Fairmont, the brown one is a 96 DL LTD and the white one is a 2000 Tickford Fairmont Ghia V8. Picture: BRETT TAYLOR

By Aaron Goodwin

A Bundaberg car buff is showing off his one of a kind Ford – literally the only one ever made.

Brett Taylor’s 2000 Ford Fairmont Ghia, a Tickford, is special and one of a kind because of the 220 kilowatt motor under the hood that’s packing a big punch.

After buying the car in Maryborough in 2017, Mr Taylor didn’t realise what he had stumbled upon until he checked in with Ford.

”Because of the one option it’s got the 220 kilowatt motor in it and if anybody knows their Fords, those 220 kilowatt motors did not come out until the Series 3 in 2002,” Mr Taylor said.

”I asked the girls at Ford to check my Ghia and they turned around and said, ‘do you realise what you’ve got?’.

”I said ‘no’ – that was the only one ever built.

”She sent me all the paperwork and the original logbook to prove it was the only one ever made.”

Mr Taylor also owns an 85 XF Fairmont, and a 96 DL LTD, with the LTD being only one of 32 made also.

He doesn’t know the top speed yet of his Ghia and finding out would be a dangerous proposition.

”Before I had my black XR8 ute I had a a Highway Patrol XR8 Series 2 and this Fairmont is quicker than that,” Mr Taylor said.

”I’ve never had this one in power mode yet, I’m not game enough to it is quick.

”Another thing that makes the Ghia rare, only 12 were made with the blue interior like mine as well.

Mr Taylor said he used to frequently take part in the Cure for Cancer Car Show in Bundaberg for many years and is now part of Bundy’s Cruise for a Cure Club.

”My brothers had old Holdens for many years and my father always liked his Fords,” Mr Taylor said.

”I’m a Ford guy through and through.

”I wouldn’t part with them, they never have let me down.”