Relocation takes flight

Anne Canniford has relocated and renamed her business, her latest move after 15 years of evolving with the retail market. Picture: CHRIS BURNS

By Aaron Goodwin

Anne Canniford has relocated, rebranded and renamed her business which has evolved from a small shoe shop to a feature shopfront on Bundaberg’s main street.

After 15 years trading as The Shoe Fringe, 12 at Targo Street, the store has a new target market and name, 2 Black Flamingo’s.

It was a combination of factors which led to Mrs Canniford moving her shopfront to 92 Bourbong Street, Covid-19’s effect on the retail market and landing a prime business location.

“We are aiming to offer women another choice in a place to buy clothing, the casual and casual smart that we feel is missing in the Bundaberg market,” Mrs Canniford said.

“When we opened 15 years ago, we were a little shoe shop and that’s why we were called The Shoe Fringe and we’ve evolved over the years to be more and move into accessories like handbags and fascinators.

“With Covid-19 and the way the retail market shifted, we decided that we need to be more agile and look at which markets are better and so that’s why we’ve decided to move heavily into clothing

“We changed the name to 2 Black Flamingo’s because we could do anything, we could sell homewares, shoes or anything so it gives us the ability to continually evolve in today’s market.”

Location, location, location was also the name of the game for Mrs Canniford as she took the opportunity with her lease ending at Targo Street and assistance from the Queensland Government’s Small Business Covid-19 Adaption Grant Program to move into the’ fashion strip’ on Bourbong Street.

“Bourbong Street offers significantly more foot traffic,” Mrs Canniford said.

“Putting ourselves next to the Vo Vo Modelle, a high-end boutique place, we are positioning in a place where it’s very easy for women to go.

“Indulge café and Cha Cha Chocolate are there also which is a great concentration to have on that strip.”

Feedback has been positive so far according to Mrs Canniford, saying that customers have told her this is ‘the best thing you’ve ever done’.

“That strip we are moving into has Avenell’s which has been there for 122 years Vo Vo Modelle, the jewellers and so within that little strip are all the best boutique’s Bundaberg has in the city centre,” Mrs Canniford said.

“It’s about the convenience for them of it all gathered in the same place.

“I’ve always had my motto to always look after the community that looks after you.”