Ray’s Sunshine Plants

PLAN AHEAD: Raymond recommends to use cardboard or newspaper as your first layer for improved mulch response Picture: RAYMOND SINNAMON

Raymond Sinnamon

By popular demand the first topic to be addressed by Ray’s Sunshine Plants is weeding in a vegetable garden.

I will tell you wonderful stories about Bubbleberries being an Heirloom variety of Strawberry that smells like Bubblegum but its all pointless unless I inspire you to get in the garden in the first place with easy to follow tips and peaceful gardening. So Ill try and keep it short and sweet after that introduction.

Painting with a safe herbicide like Slasher will work, but I recommend as much manual removal as possible, the seed heads can still be viable on a poisoned weed and can go into your soil and grow more weeds.

Use cardboard or newspaper as your first layer for improved mulch response, ensure that water can still penetrate into the soil in your design, leaving an inch or more around the plants free of a paper layer is normally enough for water to get to the roots.

Sugarcane or Lucerne is a perfect mulch, with sugarcane being cost effective and can spread quite far where Lucerne is higher cost but delivers nitrogen into the soil.

Know your enemies, some weeds really are worse then others and will quickly overpower a garden bed.

I haven’t mulched recently so the Bee Flower and Herb Garden where a few odd veggies has had a breakout of weeds on the worn path through the middle of the garden, it shows the need to keep on top of mulching.

Most weeds just have unpleasant language usually attributed to them, but all in these photos are enemy number 1, especially grass, it mats through everything and needs to be removed immediately before it takes over.

Nutgrass is hard, remove the best you can, eradicate on sight, there is some poisons to kill it but not around edibles, deep mulch and block all light as possible.

As we go through tearing them out we must remember that a weed is just a plant growing out of its place, the Radium Weed pictured here is available online for $5.50 as of writing this article, it is apparently a skin treatment used for warts and seems to have a following..

I’m trying to keep it short and sweet. Spring is in the air, the weather is gorgeous, perfect time to don a hat and gloves and get cracking at your veggie patch.

Happy Gardening,