Duo continue to take breakfast radio to whole other level

GOOD MORNING: Bundy’s 93.1 Triple M breakfast team Justin “JB” Bell and Julia “Jules” Greenhalf. Picture: TRIPLE M

By Angela Norval

Let’s be honest, for most of us the thought of getting out of bed at 3.30am and bringing your best self to an audience of listeners is quite daunting.

But when you speak to Bundy’s 93.1 Triple M breakfast team Justin “JB” Bell and Julia “Jules” Greenhalf; it is clear, this is a job that they have a clear passion for and a region they are growing to love more and more.

With Justin the self-proclaimed country boy from Townsville and Jules the city girl taking the leap all the way from Melbourne, this pair have developed a camaraderie that has listeners tuning in to hear their opinions and share their milestone.

Now on the eve of their 111th show, Jules said for her having previously worked in marketing and community radio, this was definitely a job worth moving interstate for.

“The coastal lifestyle definitely suits me and coming from Melbourne the weather is amazing,” she said.

“Breakfast radio is definitely fun and we really help set the tone for people for the rest of the day,” he said.

This was echoed by JB who said breakfast radio was a great chance to help the local community by connecting people to special events and being a part of their day is very special.

“I would rather be up at 3.30am for something I love then to sleep in and not be passionate about what I do,” he said.

“Breakfast radio is a chance to impact someone’s day.

“To bring some light fun and prizes to someone’s morning can change how their whole day goes.”

With both of the breakfast team being newcomers to the region and spending considerable hours together a week, they both have developed a friendship that has allowed them to get out and about and discover everything that makes the community proud.

“While we love how listeners are invested in some of our antics, me purchasing an electronic drum kit myself, what has really struck me is how very proud people in Bundy are of their region, their businesses and this is very infectious,” Jules said.

“Putting down roots during Covid-19 lockdowns definitely proved tough but having the platform I do and such a positive outlook from listeners has definitely helped.

“Add to that JB and I have really taken this time to learn each other’s perspectives, have some fun, be opinionated where required but also have natural conversations and reflect the voice of the community on air.”

JB loves the support the community continue to provide for all their crazy antics on the show.

“Last week we had people making animal noises on the radio and the phone rang off the hook, it’s just that kind of fabulous place.

“We can’t say thanks enough to Bundy for welcoming a gal from Melbourne and a redneck North Queenslander bloke here during a tough time.

“You are what keeps us motivated and feeling good every day.”

There is definitely plenty more for listeners to look out for from the team with the popular Concert on the Couch being taken a step further to Concert Off the Couch at local venues featuring the best of the previous local musicians that fans loved and get to know the person behind the music.

There will also be a spot of live road tripping as JB and Jules get to experience firsthand some of the tourist highlights of the region.